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SBI Mutual Fund is one of the largest private mutual fund houses in India, which is owned by the State Bank of India (SBI) and established in 1987, the country’s largest bank. SBI Mutual Fund offers a range of investment products, including equity funds, debt funds, hybrid funds, solution-oriented funds, and fund of funds, catering to the investment needs of different types of investors

What is SBI SIP Calculator?

SBI SIP Calculator is free online tool that use for calculate the futur value on you earn on mutual fund investment. this is very helpful to determine the Best Funds in SBI .

How can SBI Mutual Fund Calculator help you?

When ever you put money to buy mutual funds , this Mutual Fund Calculator there stand for you. here is advantages of this calculator, you can:

It is Free to Use at Ease sbi mutual fund sip calculator and the best part is that you do not need any peny to pay us. it save a lot of time to calculate sbi .

How does the SBI SIP Calculator Work?

This SBI MF SIP calculator have a list of all mutual schemes that sbi provides you. every rate of return you input to work accurately.

How is SBI SIP return calculated?

You can use this formula to know how much returns you can get by investing Mutual Fund in SBI bank. sbi mutual fund calculator

Amount invested × ({[1 + Periodic rate of interest] Total number payments – 1} / Periodic rate of interest) × (1 + Periodic rate of interest).

Best 5 SBI Mutual Funds

  1. SBI Small Cap Fund
  2. SBI Contra Fund
  3. SBI Small Cap Fund
  4. SBI Magnum Midcap Fund
  5. SBI Infrastructure Fund


Is SBI SIP tax free?

If you are starting any Mutual Fund from SBI, then let me tell you that after maturity from SIP Investment, you will have to pay tax to the government.

Is SBI Bank Good for Mutual Funds?

Yes. Investing in SBI is the first choice for many investors and in this you get a list of many SIP plans in which you can start. It is good for long term or short term.

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