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What is Axis Mutual Fund?

Axis Mutual Fund offers a variety of mutual fund schemes across different categories like equity, debt, hybrid, and thematic funds, catering to the diverse investment needs of investors.

How do SIP calculators work?

Axis Bank SIP calculators utilize a specific formula, known as the SIP return formula, to estimate the potential returns on SIP investments. This formula is represented as:

[FV = P * \frac{((1 + \frac{r}{n})^{n*t})-1}{\frac{r}{n}}]

In this formula:

  • (FV) stands for the final value or maturity value of the SIP investment.
  • (P) represents the monthly investment amount or principal.
  • (r) denotes the expected annual rate of return, expressed in decimal form.
  • (n) represents the number of times interest is compounded per year, typically on a monthly basis.
  • (t) denotes the investment period in years.

When users input the investment amount, expected rate of return, investment tenure, and contribution frequency into the SIP calculator, this formula is employed to compute the potential maturity amount of their SIP investment. This tool serves as a valuable resource for investors, aiding them in financial planning, informed decision-making, and setting achievable financial goals.

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